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Lana Del Rey

  • Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd
  • MC Hariel

  • Fio a Fio (part. KayBlack)
  • Vulgo FK

  • Respeitada (part. KayBlack)
  • MINHO (SHINee)

  • Chase (놓아줘)
  • Waterfall (feat. Lim Kim)
  • Runaway (feat. GEMINI)
  • Prove It
  • Choice
  • Kim Feel

  • Ghost In Your Mind (멀어진다)
  • MC PH

  • Maleta (part. KayBlack e MC Kevin)
  • MC Kevin

  • Maleta (part. KayBlack e MC PH)
  • &TEAM

  • Scent of you
  • MC Ryan SP

  • Não É Conselho, É Visão (part. KayBlack)
  • Sergio Umbria

  • Año Nuevo
  • New Year
  • Capodanno
  • Nouvel An

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